I need to make two more for the baby amoeba and aggregating ones. Text will be slightly animated in the boxes.
Getting closer and closer to having everything finished; re-renders have been done and adjustments made, I am now editing it all together with sound.

Here are some finished renders:



Got some things to fix, criticism welcomed hell yea 

I was focused less on actions and more on camera-work style. Still shots seem too stiff for the nature of what the story is about. Shakey cams everywhere make it look like you're looking through Bud rather than observing him. (maybe.. that's what I hope anyway................)

Oh and don't worry that Bud and Pal look like they've gone sun-bathing. That's what happens when you don't use a linear workflow. (Doesn't look like it in the final renders!)

and bud for good spirits

FV - BUD Animated Face Textures

They are able to be keyframed. Used Set-Driven keys and an Elum attribute.

FV - Baby Slime Molds

To go on the tree and the floor near the leaves !

Their models and extremely simple texturing. Relied on the material more-so than the texture.

FV - Render Shots

Just doing some renders of the forest so far. Almost there, then it's time to make a previs !
Might need to control the lighting a little better on parts I don't want to be in the shade.

FV - Building up the scene

Workin' my way through the map. A mix of un-textured and textured stuff combined together but they are all UV'd anyway incase I change my mind.

FV - Pal

Forgot to upload! 
Pal's character sheet with face expressions. Compared to Bud's his are much happier.

And Happy Easter :^)

FV - Trees


They'll be UV'd and textured, not flat coloured. Some of them are triangulated.

FV - Bud p.4 (Finished Rigging)

Fully rigged, skinned, weight painted and there are also some blend shape corrective shapes as well. It was tricky to do the weight painting because Bud's anatomy is so bunched up around the legs and arms.. that'll teach me...

Anyway, moving onto the bulk modelling with the scene now