soma - expressions n' such

some expressions and other things to bide the time whilst I get to a certain point with the 3D models of Mada and Bastet !

soma - style decisions

I was incredibly unhappy with the style I was giving the characters and after a lot of tries I finally got somewhere between smooth and textured that I believe I can also bring over to the whole world !

soma - more poachers

some more ideas for poachers, i think i'm gunna keep the colours subdued and make sure they don't overstep the world's atmosphere

soma - poachers

initial sketches of these stylishly angry fellows. ive actually been having a hard time designing clothing that doesn't automatically pin them into the superhero aesthetic so goodbye skintight boots and giant gloves.

soma - mada + bastet's colour comps

playing around with different saturations / colour combos, as well as the levels of practicality and available materials each character would have to have their outfits made out of.

soma - final animatic (no sound)

soma - mada concepts

i'm trying to get a balance of utility and purpose over looking like a overly-strapped up superhero. Baring in mind the environment being in a desert (though the climate can be wavered) the apparel needs to be simple and giving a silent nod back at old-kingdom Egyptian clothing.

The silhouette of Mada, and in fact even Bastet have been tricky as I tried to push a very clean silhouette originally.  However given the tone of the story it suits the characters more to have a slightly more detailed appearance in the hair and clothing details perhaps that i will experiment on further.

soma - bastet concepts

Almost the Carmen of this story. Beetles have the ability to divide their eyes into 4 so her finite point leaves her with these odd split eyes. Trying to get across a sense of her loss of humanity one way or another far further than Mada who is a much more grounded character. Bastet is more matured than Mada.