Bloom - 3D Blocking Model

Today I blocked out the model to make sure proportions and everything is in order and readable before I commit to details and such so in turn this is very rough around the edges. (a small note: I blocked out muscle tone in her legs but didn't smooth any of it yet) I think her head is too big right now and maybe her hips are too small. She does not have her gun holsters because I will make those in Maya separately as they are a little elaborate with all the pieces. I decided to get rid of the hanging earrings as there was too much going on around that part of her head. The rails at the bottom of her shoes are also missing currently. Any criticism is greatly appreciated as always !! 

Bloom - Signing off on the design !

I still wasn't particularly happy with the design of Sawa, and felt she was too bright in contrast with the stark white alien so I went for a darker approach akin to the design language of Bayonetta. Tried to communicate the harnessing of magic better through the guns and ice skates. 

As I said in my previous post I wanted the shoes to be multipurpose so she can change between rollerblades, iceskates, and normal shoes. For specifics: the bottom of her shoes have a railgate that she can slide the ?mode of transport she wants? into it. (They then power up from there)

Final Design

(sorry for the terrible upload congruency and layout. i'm currently sitting in lakeside carpark waiting to take my laptop in for repair ! shall maybe fix later)

Bloom - Further Direction

Firstly; a tag line to summarize the game's story simply: Sawa, 26, an intrepid Iceskater moves into New York City after following an advert for a small basement apartment that requires no rent. Her mysterious landlord requires instead that she aide an investigation into an equally as mysterious giant monster.


Going further with the design I'd begun thinking about forms that Sawa will have. It makes sense that she has an outfit that fits around her everyday life and always harkens back to the fact she, while willingly, unexpectedly took up this task. So it should transform when ready to fight.

Considering how she will scale both the giant monster and the buildings around NYC; when she transforms her skates give her the ability to play with gravity and stick to whatever surface she's on. As she skates black dust and pretty sparkly thingies will emit from underneath trailing a little. Thinking about it I don't think you'd be able to slide up most buildings in NYC easily; and it wouldn't be a smooth ride anyway. So I'd like to push the idea that she can transform back into her normal state and run up fire-escapes. Because those are a cool staple of NYC I feel.

Currently she feels a little as if she's like an annoying fly on the wall to the giant alienmonster. Furthermore; a game seems triflingly odd if you only ever fight one monster regardless of the investigative aspects. It would need to have smaller monsters along the way perhaps.

i wanted to do some paintings with her next to the monster to see if they contrast eachother well, and it's given me a good indication some colours need to change and design elements.