Bloom - Guns + Holsters

Made the gun by going from high poly box modelling to the low poly by optimizing. It was a learning experience for sure! I wish I knew how to use 3ds Max too now.
Also finished the holsters, and consequently the rest of the high poly so I'm moving onto the retopology now. (Guns look dodgy in zbrush as I was using the lowpoly as light placeholders.)
As I made the lowpoly of the holsters in maya first the lowpoly is done for those too : D

Bloom - Detailing Part 2

The detailing work I have done today! I tried to make the patterns flattering. It was done by just drawing a mask onto the outfit and then extruding it out, z-remeshing and then reprojecting details so that it wouldn't be jagged. In my head I wanted it to have the look of those squishy stickers you can sometimes buy.. 

Bloom - Detailing Part 1

I wanted to share some of the detailing work i've been doing today! Mainly: Skin, the padded/lined underlayer she wears and gloves/armband thing. i'm going to leave the hair as it is because it's only being used here for reference for when I make hair cards. i also retopo'd the satin above layer of her leotard thingamajig so I can manually go around and line the border without it looking bad. (on the blockout it was pixely because i used the inflate deformation on the pre-created bordermask left from extracting.)

ah and i made her jaw and head in general smaller. the eyes are also slightly different. I tried to respect my own concept art a little more. the hands were made smaller too. : ) now featuring her 90's shoulderpads wooooo