Sketchies of the past weeks

Stuff from the past weeks.. I have more though unfortunately I can't fit them on a reasonably sized document. 

Have a nice Christmas buddies. :^)


  1. i like the cat lady in the top left. I hope you will be posting more sketches they are really lovely :)

    1. Aw thank you very much! (Though I'm unsure if I should make that character a boy or girl so they're staying somewhere in the middle right now..) I do try to post as much as possible however sometimes I forget. ^^

  2. I'm liking the androgynous cat too - especially its shading! I also like the dynamic pose of the character in the orange square, and the hairstyle of the freckled one and the expression of the cat-like, sketchy face and actually everything dude haha :D Yeah keep them coming! (I don't want to be the only year 1 posting during christmas break eh)