Fluffy Spikes

3D Model made in Zbrush. Made from scratch already posed and so symmetry wasn't used for most of this except for the head/pelt's head and hair. They were then posed afterwards. 34Mil polys and too many sub-tools to count. Made to focus less on optimization and more-so a stylistic approach to be less smooth. Gotta make 3D as scratchy as my drawings eh...

Started as a quick drawing first but not used 24/7 as a definite reference!


  1. Thats so awesome Eva :D I love the head wear and the detail is beautiful. 34 Mil polys is crazy!

  2. This is amazing! I absolutely love it...especially how it looks textured. I really like the creature headdress/hood (not sure what to call it but hopefully you know what I mean).

    1. Aw thank you :-D That was a big focus! (and its ok, i have no idea what to call it either LMAO)

  3. Wooow, it's looking awesome! Good job!