FABULOUS ASSASSINATION - Character Hair Experimenting

I just wanted to make a small update as to how I'm going about the hair of Marquise and Parfait. Usually I make the hair as a solid sculpted mesh but I had been meaning to learn a different approach to hair for a while and in my head it seems like it would suit them. It took a lot of experimenting to workout how fibremesh works inside of zbrush (and I now know you can convert them to splines to use in Maya or 3DS Max so that's even more helpful with rendering) but I thought I would show the progress a little..

Starting with funny caveman hair you adjust thickness / coverage / length etc

Next it is up to segmenting the hair into partitions and putting them in bunches. Strangely this workflow is partially similar to some elaborate styling in reality.. From here its all about styling the hair pieces accordingly. It's rather tricky to get the hair to do what you want and the exploration working off-reference would be a lot less painful!

Above was a previous experiment (of many) but I had found the length of the hair was too short and there was not enough of it in general. Needed more hair to style. All too familiar

The eyebrows are done much more simply as they stick to the mesh. All in all however I've learnt a ton and even if when I go to render it doesn't look good sculpting the hair manually won't take nearly as much time as this did. ( I should add this is all high poly)

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