Adapting Les Parapluies de Cherbourg - Likeness

Firstly, I added some smaller details around the handlebars from the previous image as they looked plain, and we're going for that blooming feeling! I need to add some bells of some sort to greater reflect the music. (that whole scene is so bare currently)

Crucially I'm trying to strike a balance between style and getting a likeness of Catherine Deneuve's face. - It's very difficult! I had spent the last few days trying to get an almost photo-realistic likeness with another 3d model. (but to save face here, i'm not going to show you that monstrosity) I however couldn't get it right nor charming enough. The seemingly bald model above was my 1.5 creation starting from scratch but it was bland and not stylistically interesting enough and so I worked on it some more to get the closest above (with hair). I'm nowhere near happy with it yet but I think it may be a step in the right direction.. AND YES SHE'S GUNNA HAVE CLOTHES ONE STEP AT A TIME

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