soma (minor project) - Animatic (s)

Current progress on an animatic for the trailer.

The idea of the tempo being alike an arrow being fired and dead-stop hitting it's mark is what I'd like to achieve from this trailer. Having said that, there are some (if not a lot of) problems with the tempo jumping all over the place I think from shots wrongly in juxtaposition & crosscutting oddly. I need to go back over it.

My previous attempts at animatics (music is placeholder)


  1. Hey Eva,

    Apologies for snail's pace in getting here - but I think your latest version - even without music - is more exciting and engaging and 'forwards' than your previous drafts. Not completely sold on the 'wobbly' moments - maybe simply because I can't relate the post-production effect with anything actual visual - i.e. the effect of the warp on the drawings is all I'm processing. See you tomorrow :)

    1. No worries of course ! Thanks, and I'm glad it's moving forward. - talk tomorrow !