Character - FABULOUS ASSASSINATION / Parfait & Marquise

"I'll have you know I'm a thriving local Triangle player in the small instrument community"


I've begun thinking about the two strawberries, Parfait & Marquise, (Yay, names!) in their relation to the town itself. As they are a pair it'd be great to accentuate that fact with a coy vehicle that they can both ride together so in thought of effective entrances for them a scooter can be a great addition. Right now going full out mod-style on the scooter itself isn't needed but that idea of really personalizing it would be something to take from it. Added clutter towards the back with wickerbaskets and compartments, as well as stickers and chipped paint from the brightly coloured scooter can all be lovely additions to really nail home that it's their own travelling home. It would infer they go from towns to assassinate troublesome individuals often, and together.

Secondly I had wondered about tying the rhythm aspect of the game mechanics in more to the logic of the world. The final boss battle against the King would be quite literally staged in a theatre with an orchestra pit below playing music for the King as you fight him. If the King's army goes up in ranks as you progress through the town they could have makeshift instrument-weapons corresponding to usefulness/size.. I.e a triangle is considered childish similar to a Recorder, moving up to the big boys of an Orchestra such as a Cello. The layout of an Orchestra could correspond to the order of the King's Army that Parfait & Marquise face as they make their way through the town; starting at (tiny) Violins eventually making their way all around to the Conductor himself - The King! However, Julien kindly pointed out to me that with all this on top of what is already there it could start being too overly cluttered with what is going on. To avoid this, Parfait & Marquise could be the only two with actual weapons aside from the King making them the only ones who can truly fight him in the first place and would then explain why they need a Scooter as well.