Character - FABULOUS ASSASSINATION / Outline & Proforma of Completion

Written Outline
Two Stawberries declared by the names Parfait & Marquise, obsessed with style, fashion & chic are hired to fabulously assassinate the King. In denial of being a fruit rather than a vegetable, the Tomato King banishes all fruits from the Town of Minestrone. Under disguise as Tomatoes, Parfait & Marquise channel their style through avant-garde rhythm to overpower the King's brigade of baby tomato warriors and make their way to the grand Theatre where they seek retribution against the King & his heinous ruling; allowing the Fruit villagers to live in Minestrone once again, teaching everyone that their sense of style is most definitely in vogue.

By the end of the project I aim to have accomplished a fully realised concept from Characters, Props, Mechanics & Environment as well as delving briefly into Brand recognition in the form of Box Art or Advertisement Posters.

♢ GAME READY 3D Models of characters, (Main Characters) in both High Poly & Low Poly, textured and rigged (poseable).  POSED WITH TURNAROUNDS
♢ ENVIRONMENT ART Spanning all areas of the game that are interacted with/needed, clearly demonstrating mood, style & overall tone.
♢ CHARACTER ART (Concept) Showing style and in-game usability for reference fit for passing down a pipeline. (2D to 3D)
♢ Small Props
Game ready Character models with props aim to be highly polished & refined with a focus on optimization of textures (Single UV Map-Per-Character 1024x1024 or 2048x2048) & geometry (Keeping Characters to under specific  Geometry limits etc).

*Consideration of these more physical advertisement based assets; exploration into the style of i.e 1920's, 40's, 60's eras; composition, font & colours.

((Uploading incase this is either too much or too little! Needs a revision!))

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