soma - mada finished model + UV's

Model + UV's. Texture in progress working at 2k and managed to put everything on to one map rather than several. The past 2 days I learnt how to use Substance Painter to add to the ol' repertoire. I also decided against using Marvellous Designer during creation as I'd wanted to use for the clothes originally. However because I had no full body underneath the mesh it would have been tricky. Mid-creation I felt the pants I’d been drawing Mada in weren’t material-appropriate and thinner shorts made more sense. So I drew that up to see if my thought made sense. I think it did !

Currently the texture has baked in lighting, and so I need to go forward and bake a proper AO map as well. Then I can paint over it and add details. I’m not using normal maps across the board for this project except in the hair and I have made a high poly in zbrush to bake down for that purpose. Snapshots are flat-lit without lights. i fixed the hand topology from last time too !