soma - Mada's Texturing - Explanation

I wanted to give a little explanation into how I am going about texturing Mada with help of some old but gold handy dandy software named 3D-Coat. I used to use this a few years ago and whilst it can stand alone as its own program I like to use it for its 3D space texturing. It has a slightly wonky bridge with Photoshop but its ability to make seamless textures is more than convenient.

All of Mada's clothing has a seam right down the centre at the back. But if I paint the details and major overlapping elements in 3D-coat it deals with them as if the seam isn't even there. So I can go from 3D-coat as a basis to lay down the basics and then go into Photoshop for details! My only note is that because 3D-Coat's bridge with PS is a little wonky, I am working quite destructively and mass-merging my layers every so often to keep things light.

: b)

the current texture map !

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