Major Project - Proposal / Inspiration

For my major project I want to create characters for a game that is a mashup of the lighthearted magical girls genre like Sailor Moon, Card Captor Sakura etc, and the investigative mystery of the x-files ! I'd like it to aim for the amount of detail seen in triple A games. - Focusing more on a more mature art style with procedural texturing. However; at the same time I'd like a contrast between horribly odd aliens and girly dainty characters . Scale between the aliens and the characters will be exaggerated but there'll need to be some experimentation into how big I make the aliens. I think straight away they should be more organic rather than armoured etc.

Games featured: Batman Arkham Knight (DLC), Final Fantasy 14, Final Fantasy 15, Evolve, Bayonetta 2 , Aegis (Persona) Fanart by Blair Armitarge!

I'll need to look into polycounts for these games to aim for a similar amount. I'm looking here on Polycount to which I see FFXV ranging at 100,000 max per character (20,000 assigned to hair alone), with Sunset Overdrive (particularly more stylized) at 40,000 per character. In Bayonetta, there's around 20,000 per character. I'm thinking already I'll need to use 2 texture maps but I can allocate 2k for the main parts and a 1k map for the accessories so we will see.
Finally I'd like to research into a proper game rig rather than a strange hybrid with what I did in my previous project !

As for how the gameplay should impact the design of the characters, the amount of "gravity" the characters can get away with probably needs to be lenient. - Similar to how Kingdom Hearts deals with size difference and gravity etc. A lot of this seems to be reliant on weapons however so part of the design I'll need to consider will be how the characters fight these giant aliens !

What I'll make: 

For this contrast in giant aliens and a character to work I'll need to make:

Concept work & Complete 3D Models (Highpoly+lowpoly/textured/rigged/displayed properly in Marmoset viewer)

1 human character
1 alien

At the level of detail I wish to achieve I think this is reasonable for the timeframe as they'll be vastly different and nothing would be reusable.

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