soma - finished mada model + sound updates !

Mada's model is completely finished and with some further skinning tweaks I can say what's done is done ! She's got blend-shape expressions but the jaw and eyelids are controlled by bones. The model doesn't use any corrective blend-shapes and I'd tried to get the skinning good enough not to use them as a faux limitation. 

Skinning those eyelids was proving very tricky, and I had to go back and fix topology on one bad loop that was throwing the corners of the eyes off. I also deleted an extra loop I realised I didn't need as the texture work was doing enough. What I did learn is that for visualisation, having open eyes is great, but for the practicality of rigging it would be better to lower the eyelids so that they are half open, giving them less space to travel. (and this way the UV map would not stretch as it is doing in the occluded area above the eye) Great learning process !!

and finally you can see the posed model in 3D space here:

ok! Now in terms of the musical collaboration, we've been talking over different tempo changes and whether or not vocals will be included. (There will be!) As such, I can show what is currently the template for the BGM next to the video ! It gives the trailer a slightly different emotion to what I expected , yet it's an unexpectedly pleasant feeling : ^) Composed by the great folks at Meine Meinung . Please check them out !