Bloom - Normals & AO bakes

Finished baking normal maps and AO maps. Used xnormal. Tried handplane but with worse results. The gun was annoying because I couldn't explode the low poly (due to the high poly having details that I did in zbrush ontop of the original maya hp version) so I had to bake each piece separately so that the ray casts didn't interfere with eachother. So I just took the parts and combined them together in Photoshop for both the normals and AOs.

also, i sculpted the iris detail. actually i did this on my les parapluies de cherbourg image from year 2 but from a drawn texture. 


  1. okay, Eva - don't come around to my house and burn it down, but... isn't her head too big? You've got a slight sense of a thunderbirds puppet here in terms of your proportions...

    ... and if the head were just to scale down by 10 - 15% I think your character would instantly have more appeal - she's very petite otherwise and there's an uncanny, almost quasi-monstrous quality to her big head - it reminds me of big carnival costumes or similar caricatures. What do you think?

    1. it's going to kill the ability to go back but i'll keep 2 saves just in case! thank you for letting me know it's too big, i made it smaller:

      any better? (p.s i loved thunderbirds when i was younger so im blaming that)