bloom - skin and hair~

so i had no problems importing from dDo into marmoset toolbag 3. I worked on the skin shader a great deal today, as well as the hair and eyes, though I'd like to continue tweaking the hair. From these screenshots I see I need to move the lower eyelashes down a little too. She's going to look a little wide eyed until I get the face rigged up so I can lower her eyelids. 

Actually I had a problem where the gloves and the back of her are not separate pieces, unlike the head. I did not realise Marmoset Toolbag doesn't support Mat ID's, thus I had the choice of either separating the back (easy) and the skin part of the hands from the gloves (annoying star shape). I realised instead I can manually take all the maps I made in dDo and create additional maps for the skin by hand, masking off the SSS, emissive layer, and detail normal maps from the cloth materials. There is a little less customization but it still works. So now I know for the future. : )


  1. wonderful attention to detail here, Eva - there's a lustre and 'moist' quality to her skin and eyes that are very life-like - she's like Liza Minelli via Cate Blanchette via Elizabeth Moss...

    1. thanks - and haha ! I can see that~ Though she's missing the jazz hands then!

  2. your specularity is amazing