Contrast Elaboration

Clown Side

Undertaker Side

A comparison between the two sides of the train-station. It's an odd train station mainly due to both sides of the tracks go the same way. A single line train which goes from point A to B and back again. So, because of this passengers get on from either sides of the train. It's always odd when you see people on the other side of a railway because they're there for the same purpose as you are but to go in a different direction. By having both sides getting on the same train going in the same direction, the "same purpose, different direction" becomes much more metaphorical.. But regardless..

Shots of the two sides of the platforms will be extremely short but have to be established to show the contrast between the Undertaker and the Clown; with their own purposes. The passengers will see each other but always be just far enough away never to converse. Each passenger stays in their cabin and does not go out into the narrow hall. If it is done this way the Undertaker & Clown have more one-to-one interaction with the happiness of the party-goers and the grim tone of the embalmed loved one left in the background to contrast their personalities. Ultimately it is a more comical approach to an issue of understanding.

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