FV - Thumbnails + Style Searching

My current focus is to bring the slime mold to the forefront so that it sticks out from the backgrounds. I'm playing around with having a "low-poly" feeling background/props making everything very angular and sharp (but still colourful!) however making the slime mold more round in shape as they aren't harmful to people. I originally thought about making the slime mold itself geometric and having the backgrounds smooth + circular instead but it doesn't make sense with the nature of slime mold. - So I switched it around.

Right now I'm struggling however to push this aspect of it stylistically and might need to de-poly the backgrounds even more..
As for the character, he's only there for the sole purpose of attempting to slow down the life-cycle of slime mold (hence the water gun) but in-turn speeding it up drastically only to assume that the slime mold is destroying the forest.. realizing at the end that slime mold actually cleans up the forest. To the build up of what will become giant tree-like slime mold will show the different stages of how slime mold appears and changes; as well as what slime mold likes and dislikes. 

^ That is the gist of the story but no clear steps yet. I have a strong idea of the beginning and end but am hazy on the middle. 


  1. Hey Ella - see link: http://ucarochester-cgartsandanimation.blogspot.co.uk/2015/03/fao-caa-yr-1-2-internal-student-survey.html

    I like the idea of a 'misunderstood' slime mold, which is implied by your own research. I'm sort of reminded of the story of the ugly duckling, and I can really see a scenario in which a lonely slime mold is actually revealed to be a bit of a hero... don't think you'd need an additional character - put the focus on characterising your slime mold?

    1. I'll get to the survey!

      Oooooo of course I'd completely overlooked that. I'll have a think! However if I had the main character as a slime mold itself; would it not take away from the aspect of observation? - Albeit, how abstract can we get as apposed to being more factual? (Assuming the age-range will make a big difference anyway!) Thank you for the response :^)