Story Outline + More Style Approaches & Tweaks

The kid is meant to resemble a slime mold ironically.

And a quick story outline ...

Story outline (Factual learning in CAPITALS):

Scene starts with the very beginning of the slime mold's life cycle as AMOEBA. - Very dormant, quiet and not much is going on with them. Set in the middle of a forest. (Early morning? Blues to contrast the yellows of slime mold..) End of summer. Leaves are starting to fall off trees, fungi are growing on dead bark and there are odd spots of decaying vegetation.

A kid in a bright yellow suit with a water gun themed like a duck walks through the forest looking for slime mold. Being part of the "Slime Mold Protection Team" he has set out to contain slime mold using his WATER gun TO SLOW DOWN THE SLIME MOLD'S GROWTH PROCESS. He finds small colonies of slime mold behind rocks and on broken off trees, spraying them with his water gun. As he does this SPORES FLY OFF from the culminated slime mold, thus SPREADING them. The kid does not realise this.
( - Demonstration)

He does it again at 2 more areas. In order, after the AMOEBA, he sees small patches of AGGREGATE slime mold, and then LOOSE AGGREGATE slime mold. Walking over to another patch of slime mold he goes to spray it. However just as he is about to, the slime mold starts to rapidly MOVE & EAT across trees, onto rocks and onto the grass over leaves. The kid is susrprised, and runs as he guesses they must be angry.

The slime mold spreads, still, and the kid hides behind a broken tree. Slime mold from that tree goes towards the other slime mold he was running away from. The SLIME MOLD FORM TIGHT AGGREGATES into FINGER-LIKE structures. ( Some of them KEEL over and turn into DUMPLING-SHAPED forms. The kid turns around to go and run further back from the slime mold infront of him.

He soon realises that slime mold is everywhere IN THE FOREST, but he DIDN'T NOTICE THEM. He runs another direction. The slime mold start to turn into SPORANGIUM. They rise up from the forest and from under the kid's feet. He runs ontop of giant SPORANGIUM. His water-gun is too small to shoot all the giant SPORANGIUM from
under him, but as he gets out his water-gun it starts raining. The SPORANGIUM STOP MOVING. THEIR GROWTH HAS BEEN SLOWED. SPORES ARE RELEASED AND DRIFT IN THE AIR. From seeing this at his size; he now understands that he was spreading the slime mold.

As he is taken back down to ground-level from the slowly shrinking & NO LONGER NEEDED SPORANGIUM (DEAD CELLS) he sees the forest is in a much better condition than it was before. The SLIME MOLD HELPED CLEAN UP THE FOREST. The kid realises this. Spores fly all around. 

- end -


  1. I really like the art style your going for here! Really fun and vibrant :) The story sounds really interesting too :)