Illustrator Time

In Simon's last Friday lesson, we were taught the basics of Illustrator. I'd never actually used it! It reminds me of a very large Pictoplasma book of my Dad's that I would look at much too often; it was full of Illustrator-drawn figures that would probably all work great as vinyl toys. Anyway, recently I've been thinking of logos and simple characters oddly and would like to create logos for use in my stories with the help of Illustrator !

100% serious artistic piece.

Simon asked us to trace a logo or design of our choice..... so by nature I choose a giant tofu-man.

And next up, in my "use as many of Illustrator's tools as humanly possible" test page I drew a weird bird (bottom right of that page) and decided to make it from scratch in Illustrator.

Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds should have had lazer shooting fabulous birds of death; but everyone's a critic.

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  1. I think the lazer birds are in the sequel... looks like you got on with Illustrator just fine... good stuff!