FV - Bud & Pal Animatic (Shorter / Edits)

Small edits and a little shorter


  1. Hey Ella - yes - this feels less meandering now. I do have a suggestion re. the title; for me 'Bud' is better - because the '& Pal' rather gives way your ending, doesn't it? 'Bud' is the star of your show, so I reckon he should have top billing! Also, the distressed font is a bit too neurotic for me - it looks distressed and neolithic - like a 'caveman' font - just wonder if 'Bud world' is a bit softer/kinder/warmer?

    1. Ahh very good points, I'll be sure to change it ! The font is edited quite a bit myself so I'll hold back on that a little too :^)