FV - OGR 1

I would like to get much better at presenting my work in a professional way.


  1. OGR 06/03/2015

    Hi Ella - your OGR is presented very elegantly here! Well done. Indeed, you always present your 'principle' work very well, it's just some of the stuff you rate less importantly that seems to get a bum deal. I want anything and everything you present to be as cogent and audience-ready as this OGR :)

    So, the bit I'm really interested in learning more about is your actual sequencing of the information of the cycle; Bud is very sweet, but you need to be aware of the likely limitations you'll experience in terms of animating him. I think you need to consider how his movement might need to be less 'walk-cycle' driven and perhaps a little more like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RV1CGh9-nEs

    I'm keen to see you develop a story simply and strike the balance between the content and the 'garnish' - in light of the complexities and slight opacity of FSTS. In terms of design and your world, I'm encouraged, but I want you to put the story first and the needs of the audience at the top of the list. Show me how you intend to use this delightful little character to explain the life-cycle. You'll need to think about how the information is imparted above and beyond the visuals - is this a mime show in which the action on screen conveys everything? Is a narrator enquired? Or is it a game you're envisioning? Your influences are all game based - and I can certainly see how Bud could be a playable character, his quest to eat, aggregate, co-operate, build and disseminate! You wouldn't of course be expected to create a truly interactive experience, but you could simulate the gameplay - or alternatively you could create a game trailer, which, as it unpacks the various levels/quests/puzzles etc. it's actually outlining each of the discrete phases of the slime mold? I look forward to updates on your blog that deal specifically with the packaging, sequencing and staging of the bioscience, and how they align with Bud.

    Also - I am still expecting some kind of update and/or communication from you in regard to the Soundscape submission and film reviews, maya tutorials etc. You will be expected to be up-to-date before the May 1st hand-in or risk not being able to meet certain assessment criteria for Space & Commission and CG Artist's Toolkit.

    1. Thankyou, I do plan to do so from now on. : ^)

      The story is now at the top of my focus and I've already thought about how to communicate the life cycle, actually pushing the idea of a game more with RPG-type scrolling text boxes to fit the style. It fits Bud being an empathetic character so whoever is reading it is reading it through their own voice. But maybe I can turn it completely into a game !

      In terms of rigging is it then considered too complex at this level (especially as it's our first 3D animation) for anything walk-cycle based? Actually - question! How much time should we realistically have for the animating of our finished thing. Weekwise, or is it more gradual. Just interested in workflow !

      And.. I replied to your email yesterday as soon as I saw it, sorry for the late response!