FV - BUD p.2 (High-poly to Low-poly)

ZBrush high poly

Maya QuadDraw low poly

I tried my best to optimize the fingers' topology for animation so they don't deform like weird pickles....
Both the eyes and the mouth are now gone as they were only a guide. Bud will have an animated texture for his face that I can easily change which emotion/if he is talking with channels, and finally I'm going to use normal maps again to make him look smoother than it appears.

From 607k polys to...
1262 Polys.
0 Triangles.

Optimized it a little further taking out some edge loops, and then sub-divided once. He's nice and smooth now! Comes in at 4202 Polys.. not sure if this will make a massive difference with rendering times / animation ease etc though


  1. These are really nice. :) The skin looks really nice and reflects the light nicely

    1. Thanks Cat !! It is nice ya, but it's actually just a normal shader in ZBrush !