FV - Story Outline !

Bud Appears in the forest. Bud himself is in slug stage (just before turning into sporangia hense the shape of his head) He walks through the forest looking very lonely.

As he does so he comes across small amoeba-form slime molds on a tree. Bud says hi. But the slime molds are too young to be able to talk. Disheartened he moves on.

Bud gets hungry and sees decaying leaves on the floor near some bushes. Whilst going over there, very suddenly aggregating slime mold go towards the leaves. Bud hastily tries to pick up some leaves but before he can the leaves have been lost in the amount of aggregated slime molds. He tries to talk to them but they cannot hear Bud as they are much too hungry from starvation !

Bud is stuck wondering why no other slime molds can talk to him. Whilst he is wondering about this, the aggregated slime molds now fed turn into a loose aggregate and then into a tight aggregate. There is no way Bud can get to those leaves, but he is amazed! Then he hears a sound coming from behind the bushes. When he goes around the bush there is one tight aggregate that starts forming from a finger-like shape, to a slug and then to a dumpling. Up from the floor comes a slime mold, similar to Bud! It runs away. Bud notices that underneath where it was standing, leaves were left. It didn't eat all of them. Now Bud is fed!

Bud runs after the other slime mold, across a small canyon of giant culminating sporangia. He remarks on this! The other slime mold is seen on the other side. When Bud gets to the other side of the small canyon the other slime mold tells Bud that they can be friends, but they have to culminate into sporangia if they want to stay in this forest.

The end scene shows two sporangia growing up from behind some trees and releasing spores. There will be two spores that have the shape of Bud and his friend's heads to show they haven't died, but are just in spore-form ! A nice happy ending. :^)


I tried to keep it simple. Most of the information such as that certain slime molds are amoeba or tight aggregates will come from Bud remarking about it with the use of RPG text boxes. + I need to be very careful about that last scene..

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