FV - Market Research

I looked at market research for both games and tv/film as I think the "target audience" for games is becoming more and more blurred/broader.

The interest for TV (and thus tv series/movies) is high but does tend to get lower and lower as the person gets older. (Switching more to computers) Even though this graph is showing devices children would miss the most, it shows the importance of it in their life at that age. I know myself and my brother would watch TV everyday and then the following year it's like it didn't even exist.

More relevantly, 8-11 year olds watch TV the most with games and reading books/magazines and comics following close behind it. At this age children certainly are more inward thinking, and it shows they become extremely more concerned with their "social appearance" with apps and websites from children 12+

As you can see here the trend is similar. Films/Movies, games and then school work. By combining a filmic story with a style more suited towards games I can breach the gap between films and games in a simple way! Finally I wanted to add that it was very important to find RECENT statistics on technology as it is always changing and even within generations of people the interests are completely different. Games that were popular 2 years ago or even 1 year ago might not be popular at all now etc.

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