Life Drawing


  1. I'm much prefer it if your favourite cast of big-eyed characters didn't populate your life drawings, Ella! Honestly, they don't have to appear in everything do they? Life-drawing is an opportunity to draw what's in front of you - to explore and enrich - I can't help observing that sometimes you appear to be drawing the inside of your own eyelids (i.e. the movie that's playing in your imagination) - and that your movie is super-imposing itself over much of what you produce. You need to be careful that you're not representing yourself to others as a 'one hit wonder', Ella - personally, I'm much more curious in regard to the things you don't know how to imagine yet! Don't feel 'got at', I'm just convinced you're capable of more than just these reiterations; it's style creep, Ella, you get that, right?

    1. I understand; thank you for telling me!

    2. Ella - you're hugely talented, a GREAT painter - don't misunderstand my provocations - but I am desperate to see you scare yourself a bit, to break new territories, to create work that you cannot predict from the outset :) I want to see you grow, evolve, develop and surprise everyone!