Adapting Les Parapluies de Cherbourg - A Different Direction

"Why is absence so heavy to bear?"

After chatting with Alan and others about the direction my project was going it seemed after all that it wasn't going the right way! After experimenting with the previous compositions it became clearer that one; it was not infact adapting Les Parapluies de Cherbourg and secondly, that I had steered away from my original goal which was to take the thought-process of a book cover. Alan suggested that I think less about a contained space where everything is "in its place" as such - and instead work with having no limits spatially. 

My concern however was with having camera movement in something that from one angle may work but from another not make sense or have any purpose. In this way I'm conscious about how to make this work whilst being reminded of those 3D constructions (?) where from the side you see something that is incongruent but from the right viewing angle shows the true picture.
Currently I have an idea of the little bean (white figure thing) floating slightly infront of Genevieve's womb, and so when the camera rotates to the front it signifies the growth of a child (as she falls pregnant in the film). The rest of what I drew around her at the current moment is serving as tacked on visual references but I don't know if I should have every single thing included in the frame to be a strong metaphor having some ulterior meaning or leave them as pretty set-pieces. Lastly I don't know if I  should deal with text elements at all i.e the title of the film or leave it as is. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

The main themes I'm trying to include right now are those of absence, making a choice, and (self)reflection. Genevieve at one point questions "Why is absence so heavy to bear? Why is Guy fading away from me? I would have died for him, why am I not dead?" I'd really like to get this across somehow!

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