Infographic: Submission Post


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  2. In terms of general art direction I find your infographic very appealing Eva. I like the double ‘double yoked’ character and the overall design language. There’s also general sense of fun in the tonality to the animation which is enhanced with a good choice and use of audio. In particular the decision to quieten the music when we’re inside the egg shows a strong level of directorial control and attention to ‘world’ details. Similar to your previous projects you have put together a body of characterful and professional looking design work, well done.

    However (a big however) is that I’m sorry to say that I don’t fully understand your infographic, I’ve also asked a series of people to watch it and they don’t understand it fully either. There are a series of possible graphical reasons such as, too much text, spiralling text, and timing of text on screen which make it generally hard to follow. However I’d argue that the most likely candidate is the ‘irreverent / surreal’ tonality that perhaps to you makes a little more sense than to others. This is a common problem with creating personal comedy, you can leave your audience confused if you work in isolation (i realise you were ill) and don’t include others in the process. Please don’t misunderstand me, I am in favour of personal work and I’m not suggesting everything should be audience tested but if working alone and for yourself means that your work doesn’t communicate successfully (the goal of the project) then your current approach is not working.

    So this feedback ends in the same place as your previous feedback with a problem with talking to your audience. As I mentioned above, personal work is a good thing but it’s not always wise to expect an audience to find you, you have to take your work to them. I suspect that you would be extremely successful in doing this if you considered it more. I’m also wondering how successful your work would be if you opted for a simpler more ‘poetic’ idea, focused on audience communication, and just let your good design skills speak for themselves. For ‘Part B’ try to make this your goal.