Adapting Les Parapluies de Cherbourg - Two Scenes

Colours still need to be played around with and the red scene's composition is sparse in object relevance etc so I'll work more on that! To explain briefly, the fève is there to represent the child of Genevieve and Guy's so that objects that are related to Guy are in this scene. It then zooms out to reveal the small fève encompassing all of the previous being held in Genevieve's hands infront of her womb. The camera continues to zoom out to reveal the full image (top right) as flowers bloom and bouquets inside of Umbrellas appear. Below you see the ring that Mr. Cassard gives Genevieve and represents him. In the main scene containing Genevieve there is nothing relating to Guy and even the fève becomes a representation of Genevieve's choice of marrying Mr. Cassard. (hence the ring) The only objects that remain consistent within both "scenes" are the roses from the various wallpapers seen in Les Parapluies de Cherbourg as well as falling petals.

Example of some accompanying music. (Still searching for different musical compositions from the same piece)


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