Summer Project - Beauty Shots

Extra (beauty?) shots.

Combining all three!

When first receiving the project I wanted the final three designs to somehow have some harmony between them so that they'd work together or look like they came from the same place. Hopefully I achieved that. Although, that being said, the thought process to make them "match" didn't come in till after the thumbnails. I'm sure if I'd had thought about it whilst doing all the thumbnails they would end up all looking the same.

I gravitated towards the idea of vents, air and flying with makeshift objects. 


  1. Oh wow, it really does look amazing!

    Nice job.

  2. Nice : ) Cool style and a good idea of combining and presenting all three designs in one concept : )

  3. Hi Ella,
    it's me again. I haven't introduced myself before, I am Sam from year 3, and I am your mentor : )
    If you need any help, or you have questions or you feel lost or i a doubt, feel free to contact me! I wil happily help with whatever I can : )

    My e-mail is:
    And my CGA blog is:

    It's not just about help though, I would love to get to know you better as we will be seeing each other for a whole year in the corridors of our course hallway : D
    I hope to hear from you soon!

    1. Ah hi hi hi!! It's nice to meet you :^D IM SURE WE'LL GET ALONG
      I hope you can be as critical as possible!

  4. This looks great! They work so well together! :)