Summer Project - Thumbnails

Thumbnails, thumbnails. 

After doing all of these in Photoshop I came to the conclusion this would have been a lot faster with a pencil and some paper. Darn it. Though, the photo-bashing wouldn't have been possible. I've also somehow ended up being two short when compiling them all together.. (Speaking of which, that terrible layout is something I definitely need to work on.)
NOW TO PICK 3 FAVORITES the fun fun fun part


  1. Hey Ella,

    Great to see the fruits of your labours on here - great process too and some wonderfully idiosyncratic characters - I'm liking 60, 80 and 95, but there are many on here I'd be interested in seeing you take further.

    Three bits of blogging advice - always title your blog posts for ease of reference and search later, use tags/labels (i.e. thumbnails, Summer Challenge etc.) and make your images the stars of your blog, so make them bigger - you can go back into your post via the little pencil edit icon, click the images and you should be given the option to take them from 'small' up to x-large - whatever still fits the width of your blog template.

    Great stuff - onwards! :)

    1. Hiya!
      It's interesting to see which ones you're drawn to compared to myself, definitely.
      .. And thank you for the advice; I must have been a little too eager to post them and forgot to properly "outfit" the post!

  2. Great stuff! I really enjoy your linework and ideas : ))