Invisible Cities - Thumbnails 6 - 8

A dull and deserted city, with houses built into rock. Tiny and cramped.

 A city with two faces dived into two social classes, Camels roam free everywhere! Yay, camels!

Derelict refuge with a sparse amount of people trying to fight the Sun. For an unexplained reason all instances where the Sun shines in needs to be covered with red rags. Fighting for night to stay.

Three more sets of thumbnails. I find it a lot easier to create thumbnails when I have a narrative but I struggled a lot with the first and last environments. I'm going to stop using the template from now on and also use traditional sketches to get ideas down faster. 1 minute (ish) per each one. I feel like they don't have enough detail for communication purpose rather than aesthetic. A little too vague. Gotta keep going till the key of effective thumbnails clicks!


  1. Hey Ella - see link!

  2. Phew you got such a raw and beautiful style. These thumbnails look so amazing and playful, especially the one with that camel billboard. I also find that the colour palettes for the 2 last pages were really well-chosen!

    1. hahaha thank you. Gotta have advertisement for the camels!

    2. Definitely haha! Forgot to tell you that the drapery on Armilla #13 is hella impressive :D Keep up the good work!