Gauging current skill level - Figurative


Been working on this for a few days off and on in my free time. I wanted to see where my art currently is so I know what I need to start focusing on anyway! For a few months I've become a lot more interested in making my art textured rather than super smooth. Leaving behind the anime, I guess. Although I'm getting to that stage of "secondary thinking" where what I'm doing is becoming automatic. Aka I'm not pushing myself as hard as I should. So it'll be time to try something new.

Now, this fellow is Pin. He wears odd diving boots because he's got poor balance! He's the character "PINBUNS" is named after. Did you expect him to be in the image of me? That'd be too straight forward!
  I couldn't stop thinking of Moebius' whilst I did this, weirdly. Maybe it's the horizon line.

All criticism wonderfully welcomed!!


  1. I love his boots! The detail on them looks really nice!
    He almost has your hair cut, almost. Does look wicked though so good job :)

  2. I said before, I'll say it again, it's great.
    I don't have any more critique than what I told you when this was a WIP, and you seem to have fixed those things, so good job!