Rough Story Ideas

"A very stubborn individual and their undertaker service."

Break story up into "Stops" like a train !!

Stop 1, Stop 2, Stop 3, CHANGE LINE, Stop 4, END OF LINE (Use cue-card type scene changes)

CHANGE LINE to indicate the breaking point in the story where extremely enhanced (or sped up, rather) character development happens. I.e

A story with a good ending.

Main character (Pepper) traits -

Strong Willed

"Conscience" based character (Milk) traits -

Open minded

They are meant to work as opposites and the "conscience" character should act as such against the protagonist’s close-mindedness.
Whilst the protagonist does not openly ask for advice from the conscience character as they are much to stubborn as friends they will listen to each other.

"Pepper & Milk"

Rough events in chronological order:

Pepper starts an Undertaker service in an abandoned train. | STOP 1

Quickly finds people are reluctant due to his appearance. | STOP 1

Milk comes along and ASSESSES THE SITUATION | STOP 2

Milk proceeds to try and give Pepper advice | STOP 2

Pepper is reluctant | STOP 2

Milk helps Pepper by showing an example of appropriate appearance in the environment successfully | STOP 3

Pepper realises he should be more willing to accept change even if it is temporary. | CHANGE LINE

Milk shows Pepper he can still be individual outside of work and nothing bad happens. normal clothes etc. chatting in the reception of the undertaker train.  | STOP 4

someone comes in asking if they are the eccentric undertakers. end up getting work from that too
^ ends up as a good example that some people do appreciate it so its not so suffocatingly boring. | STOP 4



  1. Hi Ella - pleased to have you back and broadcasting! Hope you're feeling better now. Got to be honest and say I can't quite get to grips with your premise here - seems very internalised - and the concept of an undertaking train doesn't seem to be exploited at all (it's a very strange idea after all - a train that takes the dead - strange, but a bit fabulous, and I can't help feeling that you're not as interested in it as you might be!). It would be good to see this and other ideas on your blog asap, as I'm sure you're keen to get this show on the road! :)

    and you might want to check this out!

    1. Hi ! Thank you.. On the contrary the train was the part most exciting to me! But ironically now that you say it maybe I should turn my focus on that rather than some other internalized story. ... Actually writing this I've come up with a better idea with a use for the unicycle as well. (Forgot about that!) Will get stuff up as fast as I can !

    2. -- And thank you for the wiki link! I'd no idea that existed. Pretty cool.