Story Refinement

A Clown & Undertaker have to share a train.

On one side are the Undertaker's "embalming rooms"
On the other the Clown's PARTY SUPREME~~ rooms.

Passengers get on from either side and thus don't mix with each-other. However, the Clown & Undertaker both have to pass each-other constantly in the train's hall. (As they're usually very long and narrow.)

The Undertaker gets progressively more annoyed with how loud and obnoxious/ seemingly unaware the Clown is.. 

(Now either..)

-The Undertaker uses tools to sabotage the Unicycle of the Clown.

- Undertaker steals the Unicycle from the Clown in order to stop his fun. However he becomes careless and throws it out in front of the train. The train is then left to a halt and the Undertaker and Clown must work together to get it unstuck.

I'd still like to use the "Stop 1,2,3 / Change Line / End of Line" to break up the story nicely as it works with the Train theme going on..

"Change Line" Would be used at the breaking point of the story i.e when the Undertaker actually decides to help the Clown. 
"End of Line" being the ending.

(I thought the above drawing would be a nice snapshot of sorts to sum up the slightly more humorous ending.)

Notes from notebook//

"... don't make the ending abrupt or it'll lose a "warm fuzzy feeling" you get from the feelings of understanding and compromise."

Clown Key Traits

Undertaker Key Traits
Precise & Calculative
Considered Uncaring (A little impatient)
One-track minded 

They are opposites, frankly!

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