Undertaker Revisit + Inspiration Maps

Inspiration for the Clown.
Some of Leyendecker's brother's work, Man Ray, 1960's textiles and an array of early 1900's clothing and memorabilia!

For the train, the "Orient Train",  that ran in the 1800's. It was very well known for it's quality inside the train itself. Being "well known" for a specific aspect would be ironic as depending on the situation the train will be known for one of two things. - Parties or taking the dead away.

As for the Undertaker, I focused more on the seaming and tapering of early 1900's clothing, and of course I had to look at J. C Leyendecker for his certain flamboyance..

I tend to stay away from boxing myself into a time period and class structure based off of reality; however, for understand-ability and to actually recognize themes I've kept to the early 1900's for clothing and "shape", but included the addition of 1960's textiles and colours. I'm hoping they'll work well together! The darkness of the 1900's to reflect the Undertaker should contrast the bright rounded 1960's appeal.

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  1. You've got really interesting ref pictures for the train compartments. :o I don't doubt that you'll easily take the black and white one and the more green-ish one further to show the distinction between your protagonists.
    Ps. Nice facial rework by the way! The collar thing also looks like a great idea to develop :)