Maya Tutorial - Lighting the Set

Another down! I had to sort the "intensify" settings out myself and see what looked right by my own eye as Alan's settings would turn out much too bright. - Though I'm not sure why! (You can see it in some stages of the gif when it becomes overly bleached out)


  1. Hi Ella,

    The reason Alan's setting are much brighter is down to the scale of the scene, check out the size of your model on the grid and compare it to the tutorial, it is over half as small. This is down to the way that Maya 2015 interprets image planes. But you got some great results anyway.

    1. Oh! I thought it'd be the scale but doubted myself .. "But the planes must be the right size from the start!" Thank you Maya 2015.

      But thank you very much for the explanation, interesting! :^)