What If Metropolis - OGR #2

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  1. OGR 20/11/2014

    Hi Ella,

    I'm in agreement with you re. your final painting, simply because the vivacity of your world has been literally 'put into shadow' - my simple view would be to invert the view and look across the smaller buildings at the towers - or rather privilege the towers as your key assets and find the best composition to that effect. I'm taking my vibe from that ariel view of your city on page 5 of your OGR - give us more of that to better express your Lustig-inspired design. In general terms (this final composition excepted) I'm excited to see you develop these assets into 3D. In terms of texturing etc. I want one of your challenges to be to ensure the qualities of your concept art (that particular 'creaminess' of surface and chalkiness of palette) survive the translation.