What If Metropolis? - Definitive Influence Map

Firstly here's a link to my others on this project: http://pinbuns.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/what-if-metropolis-influence-maps.html

I tried not to stray far outside of Alvin Lustig for this project, as it's a two-person collaboration of sorts. - Though it'd be wrong not to look at Moebius (Jean Giraud) a little for that great sense of horizon he focused on. When I was doing a few thumbnails a few people said that some of my buildings were starting to look Tatooine-y. From Star Wars! How obvious!! (To my shame I did not realise straight away.) I find often - and maybe too often - I am lead to creators and things that look like they've inspired me yet I'll have either forgotten consciously about them or never even heard of them!

But conscious influence is something I have a sensitivity to. The only "in-depth" experience of Star Wars I have was when I was 9, and playing Lego Star Wars endlessly. (That and it being a massive pop-culture influence plastered everywhere in the background) It's so coincidental in a strange way how things you aren't even aware of can "influence" you so much... which leads me to wanting and not wanting to be influenced by people. Moebius, for example. - Anyone who holds any similarity to your own aesthetic makes me beg the question "Should I be influenced by this person? We're already too alike."Although then I feel like I'm obligated to be influenced by them because of the similarities! Maybe this is because of how people tend to relate to one another by the use of comparison. "Hey! x reminds me of b"

Of course there are people who influence me greatly and continue to do so; but the sheer amount of influence that can be completely unconscious is uncanny to say the least. That or, I've thought way too much into this and I should hush-hush and just go with it. (Wouldn't that be easy.)

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