What If Metropolis? - Orthographs

Wanted to try a cleaner approach rather than "Well I know what those lines are, who cares about anyone else"  Tried it from the perspective of a separate 3D Modeller having to create these buildings from my orthographic drawings; so they'd need to understand what's going on!

I did Front/Top/Side instead of Front/Back/Side because you won't see the backs of these buildings (and I think that's usually more important with characters..) Thought it was interesting some of the towers from above look like eyes.  - Fits with Alvin Lustig unfortunately going blind, I guess!


  1. These look great and it will be so easy to take them into Maya and start modelling.
    Love the height reference line (wish I had done the same!)

    1. That was the idea, thank you! ^^

      (I added that in after)