Film Review (but actually a series) // Ab Fab (1992 - 2003)

figure 1. Ab Fab Titles

The comedy series Absolutely Fabulous ran from 1992 until 2003, being rebooted shortly in 2011. With Absolutely Fabulous arriving in mid 2016 including the same original cast, Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley return to their two recklessly out of control middle-aged characters so hilariously portrayed in the series.

figure 2. Edina (left) & Patsy (Right)
    Edina Monsoon (or Eddie) chases unbelievable fads in attempts to stay young and up with current-trends. Ridiculed constantly by her daughter who in character is the exact polar opposite of Eddie it becomes increasingly more apparent at the lengths she will go to in order to remain "hip". Patsy, her aloof and seemingly always high older accomplice, enables Eddie further than what she may be capable of by herself, often pushing her to an, in her opinion, healthily copious amount of drugs and alcohol at absurd times of the day.

Starting back in 1992 the lack of political correctness shows itself as a strength, not afraid to make fun of the ridiculous for what it is. Originally being made on the principal of creating caricatures out of the Fashion world and the newly-growing PR buzz Eddie & Pasty encompass the very people running around London in the industry. In an interview looking back on Ab Fab, Saunders talks about how though the subject of the show was obscure and perhaps some jokes may fly over people's heads if not so savvy with the fashion world at the time. However surprisingly it proved itself as relatable towards groups of friends, addressing that they were either Edina or Patsy. 

As two middle-aged women make complete fools out of themselves, a bottle of vodka in one hand and a cigarette or two in the other the need to laugh at Eddie & Patsy's unbelievably vulnerable and self absorbed nature shows itself in broad day light. Saunders and Lumley play two women who you feel you must ask "do these types of people really exist?" to their outrageous escapades and yet towards the end of each episode there is confirmation that they aren't making it up and somewhere in a London townhouse people who take themselves too seriously sit, talking about their spotlight-chasing-filled lives all day.
figure 3. Hyacinth Bucket
Similar in its' feel to the Australian comedy series, Kath & Kim, Ab Fab managed to find a gap in the market, properly introducing funny female comedians that was not completely focused on man vs woman. At the same time, Keeping Up Appearances featured another extremely strong character by the name of Hyacinth Bucket, but rest assured it's pronounced "Bouquet". - A snobby, middle class woman constantly trying to achieve that of what she believes is upper class. When watching Keeping Up Appearances it is watched for Hyacinth Bucket and how her eccentric personality interacts with others with a shred of normality. - This is the same for Ab Fab and goes to show the impact of a defined character in comedy. When setting aside the slapstick, falls, and light gestural violence, the superabundance of script and quotable lines takes over and creates a truly entertaining experience.

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