Infographic: Narrative

Several revelations.. I decided to put a nail in the coffin of which is the character for this project and move on swiftly from it. I want the infographic to have character, not be about a character. So here are some simple eggs with legs.. say hi they can't hear you
 Anyway! Alongside a ridiculous story trying to convincingly explain that double yolked eggs are infact not such a spectacle and more common than you may realise.. There is also an example of their grand plan! It's hard to explain that specific scenario but here is a link:

However, whilst difficult to explain in an entertaining way, it would be fun to make a diagram (almost step by step) of this grand plan!
The only thing I need to readjust is the implication that because we buy eggs with a single yolk they are for some reason not as tasty due to their loneliness stunting their potential.................. (i.e the scary truth)

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