Invisible Cities - Moriana - Colour Compositions

Some colour comps for the second to lowest level of Moriana. Looking above the houses are supposed to look towering as they are raised massively off the ground. There are endless paths on the base level where civilians walk to get around, but a lot of these paths also lead to many of the stops for the water current tube system. (I should probably come up with a name for that..) "Dead houses" are ones that have sunken down into the depths below. The stalks that the higher houses are raised upon eventually fall down. 


  1. Hey Ella, these colour comps are starting to go in a really nice direction. Lovely and impressionistic. Your previous Moriana colour sketch is really lovely. I'd recommend trying out "Colour Dodge" to help push some light into the scene.

    You can either create a layer and set it to colour dodge ( or you can set your brush to colour dodge and flatten the image. I think it will help push some of the magic in the image. Some rim lighting will also really help keep the impressionistic style but still read as a 3d space. Either way, remember to keep the flow of the brush low so that you can add light gently. Looking forward to seeing more.

    1. Hi! Thank you, that's what I was going for! I'm surprised I never thought to use Colour Dodge before! I'll experiment with it definitely.