Invisible Cities - Moriana Concepts

After drawing the main picture I realized the scale is wrong. The city needs to be a lot bigger and spread out. Usually the biggest building is sent to the back of the city but I think it's important for the idea of "Moriana's hidden face" to be concealed by this large "government type" building. Everything infront of it looks polished and perfect, whereas behind it the city is in disarray.
As for the bottom image, (which I had to draw fish people to describe how it worked!!) the city's transport is made up of high speed water currents that carry the civilians to their destinations. It's the water-based version of the Underground. Tubes everywhere, literally. In order to get out of the tubes you have to grab onto railings. There are officers at all the openings to the currents so that they do not get congested.  

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  1. (Sorry if I've posted this same general comment twice, I sent it once, and it doesn't look like it came through.)

    Well I think the idea of one major building drowning out all the others to be a great one. Likewise was the idea for it to not quite fit the bubble, it just keeps on going outside. Stuff like that just makes everything much easier to digest visually.

    Nice work!