Invisible Cities - OGR #1



  1. OGR 09/10/2014

    Hey Ella,

    Moriana it is then, though I'd be even more interested if the interior shot dealt with that 'hidden face' - because it would be good to see you moving outside of the cuter, bubbly aesthetic to deal with the shadowy, more hostile aspect of the city - and finding the visual relationship between the two.

    I like the idiosyncratic and elaborate way in which you're extending the narrative of Moriana, but I'd just caution against refashioning Calvino quite so completely in your own image. One of the challenges of a brief is ensuring it still communicates the vision of the author too; some of your flourishes feel a little too much like skin-grafts from another kind of brief - however creative and exciting in their own right. This isn't just yet the Ella Pinnington show (your time will come!); it's Ella Pinnington Presents 'Italo Calvino's Moriana'. I'd dial back your obvious fascination with your fish people populace and ensure that you're truly addressing the design elements arising from Calvino's descriptions. I'd like to see more investigation into the architectural possibilities/detailing/internal logics as you take your city towards finalisation. Don't misunderstand me, I'm just talking about keeping a balance between your stylistic and imaginative preoccupations and Calvino's.

    In general terms, a nicely presented, cogent OGR document, so thank you - and rich bounty of thumbnails; I especially like the thumbnails that make use of the bold single colour - very illustrative and engaging. Your issue, Ella, is clearly not with drawing or communicating ideas through drawing, so I'm keen to push you in terms of actual design.

    1. Awesome! Thank you for all your feedback. I'll need to focus on continuous design definitely, then! I'd planned to have the idea of Moriana's "Hidden Face" more of a narrative and long term "revealing aspect", but now that you mention it, it seems like a rather large part of Moriana that i'll have to show in my final 3 images.

      I'll tone down on the focus with characters, and infer that they would be there, instead. That way I can focus more on Calvino's extract more closely.

      Thanks again! Glad the layout of my OGR was readable :^D

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