What If Metropolis? - Alvin Lustig First Look!

Anxiously Google'd Alvin Lustig into my phone, even though I had thought very hard about making sure not to overly-react to any certain artist if for example they had not been something "I liked"; I was pleasantly surprised by this very graphic yet slightly illustrative Artist and fell in love with his colour choice. It reminded me very much of Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends and whilst having a slight nostalgia trip I decided Mr. Lustig was someone who will (hopefully) improve my own design choices as I progress into this project!
 His architecture was extremely modern, and Bauhaus. Please stand for the dangerously pale cuboid structures. My memories of The Office's opening aside (2001 version!), it is not his architecture that has the same innate charm. They're a lot more stiff and definitely followed suit for the then upcoming glorious 60's... and so I am repelled back to his book covers! The idea of having "flat image" translate into 3D will be a challenge, but exciting nevertheless when I think about combing both 3D style from Lustig with some equally as styled flat planes, here and there..

Onto thumbnails perhaps!


  1. I'm extremely interested to see how Alvin Lustig affects your work, mainly because you have a strong easily recognisable style. So I think it'll be interesting to see something more graphic worm its way into your style. Look forward to it!